Metal Roofing Service in Fort Wayne

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Metal Roofing Service in Fort Wayne

Metal roofing has certainly become a popular choice for residential use these days, and there are many options regarding affordable metal roofing replacement costs. The nature of the material itself provides far more durability, and energy efficiency, and can even reduce the cost of your homeowners insurance compared to the other available roofing options. Metal roofing is by far the most durable material used in the roofing industry. It does not suffer from algae, mold, and moss build up, so you do not need to worry about spending time or money cleaning it on a regular basis. In addition, metal does not deteriorate from exposure to the sun, which means it will last two to three times longer than a conventional roof. Metal roofs are also the perfect insulators, due to the fact that they tend to reflect away the sun’s ultra-violet rays. This keeps your house cooler in the summer months and helps to lower energy costs. Metal roofs acts as an additional barrier or layer of insulation, keeping the heat in during the winter months.

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This also leads to a reduced heating bill. Overall, homeowners should expect to save a minimum of twenty-five-percent on heating and cooling costs over the year. With the high price of electrical, natural gas, and home heating oil, the overall savings of having a metal roofing service install a metal roofing system are significant. Based on the fact that metal roofing is so durable many homeowners’ insurance policies are happy to decrease your premium by as much as thirty five-percent, which provides you with yet another significant yearly savings opportunity. These yearly savings certainly help to offset the custom metal roofing prices, making a metal roof one of the top home improvement investments. As great as metal roofing is even the smallest mistake during installation is sure to result in costly repairs, and endless frustration for the homeowner. It is crucial that you hire an experienced metal roofing service in Fort Wayne,  in order to avoid the following five mistakes that those discount metal roofing services may cause.

Metal Roofing Services to Expect:

1: Inadequate Flashing

Flashing is a transitional material that is used to connect your metal roof to other items located on the roof such as chimneys, skylights, and vents. It is extremely important that the metal roofing service that is performing the work on your home properly seals the flashing seams in order to allow water to flow on top of the roofing material. This prevents moisture from leaking into crevices and under the metal roofing materials. A good custom metal roofing company will properly install all flashing materials in order to ensure a job well done. They will also provide you with the best metal roofing costs available. Please keep in mind that this is about quality, so you do not want to use a cheap metal roofing company.

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2: Use of the wrong vapor barrier material

Any of the local discount metal roofing services are well aware that the vapor barrier is the second line of defense regarding moisture seepage and leaks when water penetrates the roofing materials and or the flashing. In order to properly protect the underside of the metal roofing panels, a custom metal roofing service knows that it is vastly important that your metal roofing service only installs vapor barrier with a smooth surface. Use of the proper materials is key here.

3: Installing the metal roof over a damaged roof structure

The best metal roofing companies will check for signs of water damage, and dry rot on the roof deck prior to installing the metal roof. If you happen to have damage, your metal roofing service will point that out, and make the necessary repairs as needed. Please keep in mind that metal contracts and expands, so without a solid base the panels are certain to break loose, and create gaps for the moisture to penetrate. Only consult with the top metal roofing companies in your area.

4: Installing over existing shingles

Metal roofs are designed to be installed over existing shingles, however some insurance companies required the old roof to be removed due to the additional weight. Always check with your insurance company, and discuss the outcome with your metal roofing company prior to installation. That being said, even if the insurance company allows the installation without the removal of the old roofing shingles, any top metal roofing service in Fort Wayne, In. will be able to determine if the old shingles need to be stripped. Keep in mind that some discount metal roofing services may be looking to cut corners in this area.

5: Voiding of the manufacturers warranty

It is crucial that the affordable metal roofing services in Fort Wayne, Indiana thoroughly reads the metal roofing panels manufacturers installation instructions, and installs the material properly. The best metal roofing companies certainly will, however inadequate installation methods could lead to a void in the warranty. If that happens it may cost you thousands of dollars in repair and or replacement costs. It simply not worth scarifying quality work by hiring a cheap metal roofing service that provides cheap metal roofing costs.

Custom Metal Roofing Replacement Costs in Fort Wayne, Indiana


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